Boojum Mexican Burrito Bar Website

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June 20, 2016
Lego Wall-e Animation
June 20, 2016

Project Description

This project was part of a group assignment, as a team we decided to break the assignment down to the 3 parts and take one part each, Boojum, McDonalds, & Starbucks.

For this I was asked to redesign the Boojum website, this included creating a promotional poster and designing a mobile app.

Key points for this brief were; maintain the Boojum brand; create an online menu; create a promotional in-house poster, the mobile app is to include menu, opening times, deals, and order online.

Assignment Feedback

Below is the feedback I got for my section of this project. The result we got as a team for this assignment was 85/100

Research: Excellent research was carried out but it was not correctly referenced. In-depth analysis was carried out on each of the different Mexican restaurant apps. It was clear that you took inspiration from your research for your own designs.

Pinterest: Excellent mood board showing some very innovative web designs. Would have been good to see posters designs too.

Design: The overall designs work well and show that you have taken inspiration from your research. You can clearly see where you got your ideas, but your sketches could have shown your development more.

Evaluation: The evaluation showed that you had critiqued your own work and showed room for improvement or further development.

Sketchbook: Some good wireframes – very neat and precise but more annotation needed. Need to see colour

Laura Dixon

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The poster I created in blender as I was unsure of how to get the lighting right in Adobe Photoshop. Below is how the model looks without textures.

Boojum Poster by Karl Blythe on Sketchfab