Lego Wall-e Animation

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June 20, 2016
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June 20, 2016

Lego Wall-e Animation

Project Description

This was done as part of my Foundation Degree 3d modelling and animation module. For this we were asked to showcase our modelling and animation skills, I decided to do Lego Wall-e. Because of the complexity of animation, I decided that in order to focus more time on the animation side of the project, I would use Lego Digital Designer, a free visual Lego building tool, to build wall-e as an accurate sized 3d generated model.

This Project also required me to create a blog and a design diary. I decided that instead of a design diary, I would record each time I worked on the project and then discuss what I have done in a video.

Assignment Feedback

Below is the feedback I got for the animation and blog. The result I got for this was 85/100.

Your extremely well presented blog showed an extensive array of advanced skills and knowledge. Your use of 3rd party scripted tools and input/output from external modelling applications while using 3ds max as a base application for animation and rendering, shows resourcefulness and a deep understanding of the concepts, principles and technologies involved with 3D.

The use of render passes brought visual depth and your animation brought emotion to wall-e in a way that surpasses some industry work. Although you had some minor frame rate issues, you recognised these and suggested appropriate fixes and/or alternative workflows.

Your presentation was delivered with confidence and your use of subject terminology was absolutely faultless.

Peter McMullan

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Final Animation

Timelapse Build