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June 26, 2016
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July 16, 2016

Project Description

Men’s Buns & Beards is a new barbershop in the centre of Belfast, they provide a full grooming service and offer a wide range of deserts and beverages as their customers wait.

I was asked to design and produce a logo, a website, a menu, promotional posters and social media advert. You must include the tag-line in your promotional material.

Project Brief

  • Logo to┬áinclude tag-line ‘A grooming emporium for the dapper man.’
  • Website to┬áinclude branding, location, menu/price list contact details.
  • Website must also be responsive.
  • Storyboards for a 10 second animation promoting the opening.

Assignment Feedback

Below is the feedback I got for the website. The result I got for this was 83/100

Fantastic Effort on the assignment Karl. Website was very well put together, excellent knowledge & depth of understanding in the principles & concepts of web development. Your build of the site into WordPress was very good and your ability to use custom post types showcased your knowledge further. Your site structure and general presentation was very good.

Your diary was detailed and supplied appropriate sources relating to the content and coding used throughout your website production. Accurate grammar and spelling were used throughout. Good explanation on your WordPress install, very easy to follow and see how it was put together.

Fantastic work for a time frame of 15 weeks. Looking forward to see what else you produce in further modules.

Peter Stewart

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