The Meaning of Life | Space Shuttle Design

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June 20, 2016
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June 28, 2016

The Meaning of Life | Space Shuttle Design

Project Description

This was done as part of a motion graphics assignment during my BTEC Level 3 course. The aim of this assignment was to create a movie trailer for the fictional film “sighting”. I was asked to create accurate modelling sketches, storyboards and narrative.

I was to create a 30 second HD movie trailer to include motion tracking and keylight. It had to include either; stop-motion, rotoscoping or pixelation. The video also needed to include a 3D model of a Sci-Fi related object, I chose to create a space ship.

Project Brief

  • 30 second HD Movie Trailer
  • Including Motion Tracking
  • 3D model of a Sci-Fi related object
  • Including stop-motion, rotoscoping, or pixelation

The storyline for my trailer is; you see the spaceship take off from a futuristic runway; you then see the spaceship flying across the Belfast skyline, it cuts to one of the characters walking along a street, who then looks up and says some dialogue; you then see it crashed in a field on fire.

There are three different animations that I need to create;

  • Spaceship on runway, ladder lifts into spaceship, door closes, spaceship starts to take off. Smoke particles to represent rocket engine
  • Spaceship flies from right to left. Smoke particles to represent rocket engine
  • Spaceship crashed in field, red warning light flashing on and off, smoke particles to represent smoke coming from somewhere on board the spaceship

For this I created the model using blender. I also learnt a valuable 3D modelling lesson, don’t model what you can’t see. As I had modelled the cockpit and passenger seating as I planned to do a few shots from within the spaceship.

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Final Trailer

Final Trailer